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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Lidiyanna is thriving!! Several adoptive moms had told me as their children grew in their new homes, they blossomed like flowers. I feel like I totally understand what they meant now. Lidiyanna is like a beautiful flower opening before our eyes. Yes, it may be a bit cheesy but it's a perfect illustration. Each day, she seems to be more comfortable, more at home, and more secure with us. I can see that she is bonding well to us. She will start to fuss if I walk out of the room, and the minute I return to her side, she smiles and kicks her little legs. She has started babbling a lot and saying "dada".
Last Thursday, she got a fever and was really fussy. After going to the doctor, we learned she had an ear infection. So, for a few days, things were rough around our house. She is now feeling much better, and we are all glad.
Lidiyanna is a delight in our home. I think she can sense how much we all love her. I thank God everyday for the blessing she is to us.


Anne Rodgers said...

Prov 29:2
When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice!

Praise Him!

I love seeing pics! Hugs to you, Graham, Wesley, Lidiyanna and Tim!

The Howe Family said...

<3 sweet!

The Thomas Family, Artesia, NM said...

Love seeing pics of Lidiyanna! She looks so happy. I completely understand each day getting better and better! It was rough here at the beginning but I can see so many improvements.