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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Movin' On Up!!

Lidiyanna had her first "big" doctor's appointment today. We've actually already been to the doctor twice for her, but those were just for little things. Today, she left the doctor's office with six band aids. Yes, six!! Ouch! She and I won't quickly forget that experience. She basically has to start over with vaccines, and she had to have blood drawn and a TB skin test done. All of this is standard procedure for children adopted from other countries.

She also has an ear infection. I'm not sure if the one she had a few weeks ago just never cleared up or if this is a new one. Ugh. Fortunately, she has shown no signs of fussiness, so I was surprised by the infection.

Besides that, the doctor said she's doing very well. She's gained two pounds in the month she's been home and moved up from below the percentage line to being in the 12% on the growth chart. I was excited about that. My little girl is growing from the love and calories she's getting at home.

Despite the tears shed during the needle party, I experienced a very sweet moment with her. The nurses were doing their job of poking (I have to brag on the nurse and say she got the vein the first time-pretty amazing considering this baby's tiny vein is not easy to see under her gorgeous, brown skin), and I was helping to hold her hands still. Lidiyanna was screaming, so I knelt down and placed my face very close to hers. Her tears were streaming down her face as I felt my own emotions pushing their way up my throat. As I comforted her, I thought about how glad I was to be right there in that moment. The last time she got some shots, she had no mother around to offer words of solace. No one was there to kiss her forehead and tell her it was almost over.

It was a moment where I felt that undeniable need to protect that all mothers feel with their children. My baby was hurting, and I was going to do everything I could to make it better. I am beginning to treasure these moments because it's then that I truly know she is mine.

I hope in that moment she felt protected by me. I hope that when she looked up at me with those big, pleading eyes, she knew I was going to take care of her. I think I saw it in her eyes...she knew I was her mother.


Lorie said...

Now I'm crying. So glad her mommy was there to take care of her.

Joy said...

Made me cry Jo. And yes I am sure she felt your love and knows you are a mommy.

Jonathan said...

I got all teary when I read this. Love you!!!

KT said...

so precious
can you be my mother? you do have such a sweet empathetic face:)
I don't know when they "get" is a mystery,I remember the first time Sophie said I love you without being asked or anything. She was on the changing table and we were talking, (she was a young toddler) and she just looked at me with the sweetest eyes and said it. I cried. yep, what else ya gonna do? LOVE that she is home and has a mommy! I LOVE adoption and would bring another child home right this minute.